Forward to|the essence.


Welcome to the world of notaries; a world that is about more than just what the law prescribes. We move actively in society and understand what is going on in our clients’ worlds. It is by looking beyond the deed or instrument that we arrive at better solutions. This benefits you both today and tomorrow.

Finding the 

We are generalists and specialists. We are well informed on family law, real estate, and business law. It is our belief that you first have to view things from a distance in order to get to the core of the matter. That way, you get to what really matters: people and how they stand in relation to other people. 


The notary, the clerk, and the secretary. We work for and with each other. Our approach is professional in content, human in our relationship. Here, we value ambition and encourage development. We continuously invest in knowledge and skills. While this keeps us young and up to date, it also enables us to think ahead about the future of our profession, and above all about the future of our clients. 

To Noto Notarissen, South Limburg – close to the German and Belgian borders – is home. We are happy to speak to you in Dutch, German, French, or English. 

Family and relationships

No matter whether it concerns your partner, family, house, work, or company: as a notary, we look at every aspect of your life from your perspective. Together, we will find a relationship arrangement that works and a will that you are happy with. We also think about other connections, often ones that span across generations.

In doing so, we also take a look at subjects that often receive insufficient attention. Examples of this include informal care for parents, unequal support of a child, the relationship between your children and your new partner, or succession in your company. These are all subjects that need to be set out properly in order to prevent frustration, arguments, and costs. 


Business owners do not often look 'under the bonnet' of their companies, with the annual audit feeling very much like a required MOT. Nevertheless, it makes sense to look beyond the day-to-day matters. Notaries are specialists in building and maintaining the body of your business, while also offering a correct safety package and navigation system.

The right business structure creates a good separation between the business owner and the company. This also ensures clear rules in the case of partnership. If you are a business owner and use our services, we would like to know who you are and where you want to take your business. We will then be able to provide suitable arrangements that help you in your ambition. 


These days, buying a house is more difficult than it has been for a while. The housing market is being squeezed, and prices are still shooting up. Will you be lucky enough to have the means to buy your dream home? If that is the case, you want to make sure the transfer goes smoothly. It seems obvious, but a complicated process needs to happen before signing a deed. 

Noto Notaries guarantees a good transfer. We guarantee the correctness of the agreements. This allows you to quickly and safely become the owner of your own home in the Netherlands. We want you to know what you are signing for, even when it concerns other arrangements. Taking on such a large financial commitment is not an everyday occurrence, but it is for us.